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2010-01-11 - 1:08 p.m.

Another weekend gone by.

Another game night last night. Learned a new game that I may try to introduce to my parents.


Mark Steyn reports here about President Obama's refusal to admit that the Islamic extremists are still mad at us and want to kill us.

There are some Muslim clerics who are speaking out against the attacks. This is a long-overdue and welcome response. Unfortunately, these are from clerics here in the they will most likely be ignored.

They did publicly speak out, and that's something that needed to happen. Good for them.



The health care bill, although it hasn't been signed into law yet, is having a negative impact on the economy.

Here's how:

Now put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur with a great idea for a start-up. Put aside all the other taxes and regulations the Democrats have proposed since Obama took office, and focus just on health care. With such large gaps between the penalties, taxes, and mandates in the two versions, wouldn’t you want to wait and see which version prevails before deciding whether to quit your job and start your business? I would. And regardless of which version prevails, you might also want to wait and see what happens to premiums before you jump into the market. If they go up, as anticipated, you might be better off staying with your current employer - provided that your current employer hasn’t already started taking the higher cost of premiums out of your wages, or fired you to save money.



There's also a possibility that the 60th Senate vote will be denied to the Democrats by voters in Massachusetts.

You remember - Ted Kennedy's state.


Off to work I go.

Be seeing you.


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Wyatt - 2010-01-12 14:04:09 -
Nice blog today. I have to remember to read you more often...


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