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2010-03-22 - 8:09 p.m.

Late post today.

Since Jason is now making the schedule, it's his decision that I work day shifts during the week. That also includes Monday morning token in, open all the games and collect and count all the tokens.

So I was up at 6am (well, awake at 6am, I actually got up at 6:25) to be at work at 7am.

After work, I went and picked up something at the post office, went to the bank, and got some new tires for the car. Then I remembered - I'd had an accident last night and needed bleach. So I went to the store and picked up bleach and some snacks.

Then I came home and started laundry.


What's that? "What accident"?

Well, my toilet overflowed. Something clogged it and the water started rising...and kept rising...and kept going. My whole bathroom got flooded. Fortunately, it was only water...but still.

So I dashed to the linen closet and got every towel I could find to soak up the mess. Did a pretty good job, too. But now I had sodden towels to wash...and it was about 1230am and I had to be at work in less than seven hours.

So I stuffed the soaked towels (along with the bath mat) into a trash bag and left them there. They also sat in the bag while I was at work and running my errands.

Now you understand why I needed to buy some bleach.

Aren't you glad you asked?


The gig Saturday night went well. It was for a private party, and we knocked off at midnight.

I managed to make it home and in bed by 2am...just in time to wake up at 8am for a 9am meeting.



A couple weeks ago I talked about ordering something.

Well, that item has arrived...which is a relief, because it will become very important very soon.

You have been warned.


First, they started issuing the individual seasons.

Then, they released the "complete series" box set, which contained all seven seasons and a bonus - two made-for-TV movies that were only available if you shelled out for the big box set.

Those of us who bought the individual seasons were out of TV movies for us.

Until now.

MacGyver is back.


The health care reform bill was passed last night.

Evidently a seven-vote win is total victory, despite the fact that many Democrats voted against the bill (which is why the win was only by seven votes).

Well, we'll see if the taxes that are supposed to kick in THIS YEAR get people's attention - especially when the benefits don't happen for another three years, in 2013.

It's not over yet.


I still don't think this is a good idea.

The bill is 2,700 pages long. Any member of Congress who says they've read the entire thing is a liar.

If this goes through as planned, thirty-one million more people will be insured. That's 7% of the population. Thirty-one million more people...with no increase in doctors. How will this keep costs down? By cutting Medicare? Medicare and Social Security are slated to go bankrupt within the next decade or so.

Besides, since when have government cost estimates EVER been right? They will take more money out to prop up the health care, and Medicare and SS will just go bankrupt sooner.

Oh, that's right - it's only taxpayer money. Why should Congress give a hot flying fuck?



Since I'll be working days, posts will likely start to show up in the late-afternoon-to-early-evening.

Please don't worry. We're all fine.

Be seeing you.


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