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Feeling Alright

2006-06-16 - 10:03 a.m.

Yeah, I didn't post yesterday. Here's the story:

Wednesday night, we had a school celebrating a grad night at Camelot. I don't work the grad nights, but I do the set-up beforehand. So I worked until 10pm Wednesday night...and then I had to come in at 7am Thursday morning.

I worked Thursday until 4pm, came home, collapsed for a few hours...and then sat in my comfy chair (the Spanish Inquisition notwithstanding), ate pizza and drank O'Doul's, and watched the Angels game.

It was one of the more relaxing evenings I've spent in a long time.

The Angels won in 10 innings, and shortstop Orlando Cabrera knocked in the winning run. Cabrera has reached base safely - by a hit, a walk, or hit-by-pitch - for 45 games now. That's a team record. Cabrera later told a reporter he doesn't carry the team. Maybe not, but he's helping with the heavy lifting.

Woke up this morning with a touch of a headache. I only drank two O'Doul's, but that's two more than I've drunk in the last few years. My alcohol tolerance level is pretty low, likely because I don't drink. I like the taste of beer, but I don't like being drunk...hence the O'Doul's.

But then, it also dehydrates. So I'll stick with some water today.


Toyota has been running ads for its new model, the Yaris.

You know how there's a "base price" that is always low, and a much higher "as shown" price for the model that they are displaying in the commercial? This is one of the few cars I've seen from a "major" manufacturer that has the "as shown" price under $13,000.

I wouldn't mind test driving one, just to see how it runs and how it handles. If this model does well, maybe cars can become affordable again.


Today's Jerry Springer Show title: "I Slept With Your Husband And Son".

And Springer's been on for FOURTEEN YEARS.

That's as long as I've been working at Camelot.

At least we both love our work.


Season 6 of MacGyver came out this week on DVD. I almost got it, but deceided to wait. I saw an ad this morning in the paper - one store has it for almost 30% less than they did three days ago.

Looks like I made the right choice.


Well, I'm gonna do some shopping. Be seeing you.


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