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Fast As You Can

2006-08-14 - 11:29 a.m.

Another weekend come and gone. Hope yours went well.

Some items that relate to today's title:

The graffiti idiots were at it again early Saturday morning. When I came home from playing drums at about 2am, there was only one tag on the wall. When I woke up at 7am, the whole wall was defaced.

This morning - Monday - I got the newspaper from my back porch at about 9:30am. The tags were still there. When I threw away my breakfast debris an hour later, they'd been painted over. The wall is now white again.

Both are fast. One is better than the other. I know what my choice is.


We did play Bang! last night. We had two new players, so there was a great deal of time spent explaining the game. (For those who don't play: all the cards have symbols on them that explain what the card does. If you know the game, it works pretty well. If you don't, it can be confusing - despite several copies of a "legend" card that explains what the symbols mean. And there are about two dozen cards that have lengthy explanations in the rulebook. It DOES take time to learn, but if you get experienced players it goes quick.)

Once the game actually got lasted for all of fifteen minutes. The Sherriff got killed, so all the Outlaws won. The Deputy - who is supposed to help protect the Sherriff - explained that she instead chose to shoot at the Sherriff because she "didn't want the other players shooting at me".

Ah well. But the final game of the night, Oskatron, was interesting, despite its philosophical bent. In the final analysis, it was declared interesting but better as a game for non-gamers...the logic there being, because of the people playing at THAT particular table being mostly serious gamers who really play to win, it would be better amongst less competitive people.

That said, movie quotes and one-liners went back and forth from one and all. From "Ghostbusters" to "History Of The World Part I" to "2001" to...well, we spent a lot of time laughing.

Which, in my own philosophy, is ALWAYS a good way to spend time.


Got a PayPal spam message in my e-mail this morning. I knew it was spam right away, because:

  • There were no official PayPal graphics at all, so these guys are cheap and/or stupid.
  • The font is Times New Roman, instead of the softer Arial (I think) that PayPal usually uses.
  • The "click here" message links to somewhere other than a PayPal site...which I learned simply by pointing at it and looking at the status bar at the bottom of my MSIE window, and
  • The rather obvious typos in "this is a limitated offer for ower best customers".

Cheap AND stupid. But I wonder how many people actually fall for that crap.


Mark Steyn makes a good point in his article: some are saying that the terrorist plot that was foiled in Britain recently was Bush's fault because he didn't chastise Israel enough for their retaliation against Hezbollah. So because Bush didn't chew out Israel, this plot to hijack ten planes - involving at least 41 people in Britain and Pakistan - was rapidly thrown together as retaliation.

Please, folks. I'm certain plots this big take longer than a week to plan out.


I now have Animaniacs on DVD, and have been giggling my ass off.

The jokes and visual puns fly fast and furry-ous...and sometimes I have to back up and watch something again, saying "Did I just hear what I THOUGHT I heard??"

Now THAT'S comedy!


My good friend's relationship with his lady proceeds apace.

This despite the fact that, less than two months ago, he had decided that he was going to live his life alone.

Just when you think you have the universe figured out, it changes the rules just to fuck with your head.


Well, the world awaits my presense...God knows why.

Be seeing you.


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Bob - 2006-08-14 23:07:30 -
Phish e-mail (PayPal/eBay 'security alerts') spikes when school is out and during the holiday shopping season. But I also get them from banks - many of whom I am not a customer of - and some *do* use graphics ripped off from the real sites. If readers receive such a notice for *their* bank, the safest method is to verify things by calling the customer service number on their credit card or bank statement - and not click on any links or rely on any information in the phish.


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