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Working For The Weekend

2006-10-23 - 9:53 a.m.

Did everyone make it through the weekend? Good.

Work was interesting last week...and I mean that in the "Chinese interesting" way. Now, with a lead-in like that, you'd expect me to give a lot of info. Unfortunately, I can't - sometimes talking too much in a blog about work can get you fired.

But I can give a couple details.

During this last week:

  • one person walked off the job,
  • one person threatened to have me fired until my boss explained that I was right,
  • I had two customers who wanted to talk to my boss about my wonderful customer service,
  • I got in an extra three hours over the weekend.

Good and bad, yin and yang. Like I said, interesting.


Finally got a look at episode #3 of OFF THE WALL. It looks good, and we got some good laughs from the audience. It should debut on the air next month.

Episode #2 isn't on the website yet. I'll let you know when.

Speaking of the band, we debuted this song last weekend. Not a lot of dancers, but boy did they applaud.


Just saw the new Jenny Craig commercial for Halloween. Kirstie Alley is looking VERY good these days. Maybe at some point I'll look good from having lost as much weight as she has.

I plan to get down into the 220 range. For my height, my "optimal" weight is supposed to be in the range of 160-180. But I have a large body frame, and almost all my extra weight is in my gut. My arms and legs are in good shape, what with all the drumming and walking. If I got to 167, which some lists say is best, I'd look anemic.

Therefore, 220.


Bill Christopher turned 74 on Friday...which is convenient, because...

Click here to take the M*A*S*H quiz!

You can take the quiz by clicking Bill's face.


The final season of MacGyver comes out on DVD tomorrow. If I stick with the usual plan, on Friday it'll go on sale and I'll save about 30%.

Patience can be rewarded.


Onward to the day.

Be seeing you.


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