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What Would Brian Boitano Do?

2006-10-24 - 10:21 a.m.

Last night, for some reason, I got to thinking about a couple episodes of Davey And Goliath.

The episode that really came to mind has to do with a new kid in town named Joe. Joe had a new scooter and was riding it around the block a couple times. The local kid's club, the Jickets, saw him and told Davey to flag him down so they could all get rides (Davey had spoken to Joe earlier in the episode). Joe's dad, however, had told Joe not to take his hands off the handlebars, and to come straight back. So when Davey said, "Give us a ride", Joe said, "Can't!" and kept on going.

Well, the Jickets got really pissed off and decided to beat up "stingy stuck-up Joe-Schmo" to teach him a lesson. Davey said no, and was immediately called a chicken. The Jickets took a vote and said anyone who DIDN'T go along would get booted out. Davey continued to say it was wrong, and quit the group.

Davey headed home, and told his little sister Sally about what had happened. Although Davey thought he had done enough, Sally reminded him that the Jickets still planned to beat up Joe for the imagined slight. Davey headed back, and got there just as the boys confronted Joe. Davey got in the leader's face and said that if they wanted to beat up Joe they had to beat HIM up, too.

So there was a fight. One boy, who had been on the fence but went along when the leader said he'd be kicked out, refused to join in. When it was all over, the leader had a bloody nose and his "leader's cap" was destroyed.

Davey headed home and caught hell from his mom about being in a fight. But Davey said he'd done the right thing, and that's what God would have wanted him to do. Not that God wanted him to fight, but to stand up for what was right.

Now, then. I don't know why this all came into my mind...any more than I know why I had to write all this down, and share it with you all.

Maybe it has some significance to my life that I don't see yet. Or maybe someone in my audience needs to see this. I honestly don't know.

What does it all mean? Maybe nothing.

Maybe everything.


Oh, and today's title comes from one of the great musicals of our time.


Well, I have laundry to do, and a day to attack.

Be seeing you.


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