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What A Fool Believes

2006-10-30 - 10:40 a.m.

Okay...interesting news today.

Since I consciously made an effort to name my posts with song titles, this is my 100th post with a song title.

I'm gonna continue to do this as long as I can.


Now, you can say what you want about the Clintons. You can say he was the greatest president ever, and never deserved to be impeached for a minor "indescretion". (IMHO, he did deserve it because he lied to the grand jury, and tried to use a cheap lawyer's trick about the definition of "is".)

I think that this story is the height of arrogance. Basically, for Bill's birthday party, they offered the "liberal elite" a chance to attend the party AND a command performance by the Rolling Stones, with all proceeds going to Clinton's charitable foundation.

From the article: "Those who pledged the top price were promised the 'Birthday Chair Package', with the best seating for the concert as well as a chance to have photographs taken with Mr Clinton during a round of golf and a three-day series of cocktail, brunch and dinner parties."

That top pledge price? A mere $500,000. I'm not making this up. A half-million dollars.

They honestly thought they would sell out. Wrong. They started cutting prices and offering tickets to the public so they wouldn't be embarassed by an empty house.

Gee, how will the ones who ponied up the $500k for "elite seats" feel about sitting with regular folk who got their tickets on the internet?


And another Star Trek movie is planned! It's gonna be about the early days of Kirk and Spock!

And now, the other shoe: rumored to play Spock is...Tom Cruise???

In a weird way, it makes sense...maybe he's going after Xenu.


Last night, Brin's radio headset took a dump, so we need to go replace it. First stop, breakfast at iHop.

Be seeing you.


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