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It's A Gas

2007-03-20 - 11:22 a.m.

Milestone time, folks. This is the 200th post with a song title. I'm amazed I lasted this long.

A big thank-you to all my readers who put up with my week-daily ramblings. This has proved to be a tremendounsly helpful outlet for me, and I'm grateful you're all willing to tune in.


Okay, gang. After the nice intro, the bullshit will fly. Brace yourselves.

We have another 9/11 theory. Rosie O'Donnell posted in her blog that the Twin Towers were brought down on purpose by the government to get rid of records of government investigations into corporate fraud.

Gee, I guess Mohammed Atta and the other hijackers flew planes loaded with travelers into the towers just for the hell of it.


Anyone remember this ep from South Park? Everyone starts driving hybrids and eventually move to San Francisco?

Well, evidently the smug Prius owners now have a problem. It seems that the Prius's battery uses nickel and...well, go read the article.

And remember - it's all President Bush's fault.


Today Charlie and Ai Vy begin their exodus.

They've been great roommates and buddies. We've all agreed to keep in touch. They also have annual passes at Disneyland, so there's always the Park.

Take care, you two.


In the Geez, I'm Old Dept.:

Anybody remember this show??


Onward to the day. I get to deal with city bureaucracy as I get the utilities changed over.

Be seeing you.


3 comments so far

Brin - 2007-03-20 13:56:36 -
Something else you rarely hear is that when a battery operated car gets into a wreck (according to my father-in-law who is a retired fire captain), the presence of the acid and chemicals makes it a hazmat and the firefighters aren't allowed to go near it unless they have bunny suits and hazmat precautions. So, I hope nobody that drives a hybrid EVER has a burning wreck from which they cannot extricate themselves.


Brin - 2007-03-20 13:57:29 -
Oh, and happy 200th title post, old buddy!


artgnome - 2007-03-20 15:39:55 - http://artgnome.diaryland
I may not always comment, but I always read. Funny, I do not remember the C.A.P.E.R. show, and it is from my era. huh.

oh, yeah, 9/11 is all a conspiracy and the whole world is George "Adolf" Bush's fault. And it all stems from the media's sour grapes about losing the election, where they lied about the voting numbers all night in hopes that Gore would catch up. bah. I've never seen such a media smear campaign launched on a single person in my life. They are the minority and they'd better well get used to it.


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