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2007-05-24 - 10:56 a.m.

Yesterday I got to meet a gentleman named Bob Lai. He's a close friend of our own Bindyree - his blog is over here. As previously mentioned in her blog, Brin was gifted with a Fender acoustic guitar by Bob Chance in appreciation for her studio work. There was, of course, a great deal of concern as to how said Fender would make it upstate without being turned into toothpicks.

Enter Bob Lai. He's down here for a sci-fi convention, and he was visiting Disneyland on Wednesday. So it was a simple matter for me to head over there and transfer the guitar into his custody.

While Bob and I disagree in the political spectrum (at least we both agree to disagree), he's a very cool and funny guy. Within fifteen seconds, we were cracking jokes and cracking each other up. We're both Star Wars freaks, too.

My camera cell-phone couldn't take a picture worth a damn when I can't see what I'm aiming at. Bob had a digital with a tripod, so we did get a better pic that you'll see eventually.

Who knows? Maybe - if the universe aligns itself - Bob, his wife, Brin, and I can someday spend a day at the Park.


I couldn't stay at the Park. I had to go to City Hall. The gas bill had come, and I just felt like dealing with it and getting it over with. I then stopped off at the PO and picked up some books I'd won on eBay. I grabbed some lunch and then headed to the TV studio to tape episode #5 of Off The Wall.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm chronically late. This time, I showed up about half an hour early. I had stuff to read this time, at least.

We ripped through the filming very quickly. The rehearsal we did on Sunday night paid off - Bob Chance and I only had to do one re-take, and that was because the guest star, Frank Pazzuto, had forgotten to clip on his mic. We started taping at about 6pm, finished taping by 7, and put everything away by 7:30.

Bob, Frank and I grabbed some dinner afterward, and I headed home and read one of my new books.

So it was a day of meetings, chores, work, and kicking back.


So now, today.

The Angels are playing the Tigers in a day game. At the time of this writing, the Tigers are leading 6-0 after three innings. Ouch.

Then, of course, work.

Be seeing you.


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