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I'm Nearly Famous

2007-06-01 - 1:16 p.m.

Yesterday - Thursday - I decided to kick back and go to Disneyland.

I did some stuff at home, stopped off at work for a few, and then headed out. Did Buzz Lightyear (made it into level 5 for the scoring for the first time!), visited the animals in Big Thunder Ranch, and so on.

But then came the line for Space Mountain. It wasn't that bad, but there were some spots where it wound around and doubled back. This one couple kept looking at me. Finally, the lady said, "Excuse look familiar."

Now, I do get that sometimes. I've been greeted with "you play drums, don't you" on occasion. So I said mentioned my work at Camelot (in case they had kids and had been there before) and said I played in a band with a fellow named Bob Chance. The guy's eyes lit up. "That's it! We've seen you on TV!"

They'd seen the show!

We talked about what went into the show, how it was filmed, and so on. They told me how funny I was, for which I thanked them and said we had good writers (Bob and me).

Well, the line continued, and we got separated. I rode, exited, and used the restrooms near the exit. As I left the restrooms, the couple were coming out. The lady came up to me, blushed, and said..."Could we have your autograph?"

I was flattered and delighted. So I signed some Disney promo sheet, thanked them, and we went our separate ways.

I headed up to Toontown for a bit. After awhile, I just decided I'd had it. So I headed towards the exit. I'm walking down Main Street, right in front of the Penny Arcade...and I felt a small hand take mine.

I looked to my left, and saw a little boy holding my left hand. His dad (I think) was holding his other hand. I smiled. "Hi there."

The dad looked up, saw I was looking at his son, and looked to see his son holding my hand and completely oblivious to it. Thankfully, he chuckled.

I said, "He just reached out and took my hand."

The dad laughed again. "A little girl had done that to me earlier today."

He got the boy's attention. The boy, whose name was Stuart, looked up at me. I smiled again and said, "Hi there." He turned bright red and dropped my hand. The dad chuckled again. I told Stuart I wasn't mad, that I was a nice guy...but he just huddled next to his dad. The dad tried to reassure him, and I waved and headed out.

Now, as careful as I try to be - Disneyland could be a predator's smorgasbord - at least the boy was with his dad. But I hope the boy learns that taking just ANY stranger's hand isn't a good idea.

Then I came home and watched the Angels lose to the Orioles, 6-2. After that came Whose Line. Roommate Jim came out of his room to find out what I was laughing to hard at. He watched with me for a bit, and then headed back to his room. He thinks I'm a little weird, but a good guy.

I hope Stuart's dad also realized it.


Today, laundry and then the gig.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Brin - 2007-06-01 16:20:21 -
It sounds like you had a wonderful day!


AquaDreamers - 2007-06-02 20:09:13 -
Hey, Pa! Our little boy has become a star.

Now if he could only do that "I gotta singa / about the moon-a and a-June-a and a-spring-a" song ....


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