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2007-07-11 - 1:02 p.m.

Stayed up late and watched the series finale of NYPD Blue.

Now I can sleep on Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings.


Got an e-mail from my older brother. There's going to be a family reunion next month, and my dad is coming all the way from Pennsylvania to attend.

I think I can make it. It'll take some investigation, but I'm pretty sure I can be there.


Okay, NOW I'm awake.

From Hud's blog comes the following couple items. First, there's this story - a scientific study from the World Radiation Center in Switzerland states that the Sun's output has nothing to do with global warming.

Got that, you heathens? Nature has nothing to do with it. It's all man's fault.

BUT. If that's so, then why are Mars' polar caps shrinking?

Maybe Marvin got a whole shitload of SUVs when we weren't looking.

And if that's not bullshit enough, the European Parliment - in an effort to reduce CO2 output - is planning on banning sports cars in Europe.

Now, I probably will never own a sports car. Even if money were absolutely no object, I wouldn't own one. It always seemed to be such a waste: why own a car that does 180mph when there's nowhere you can drive 180mph? If I lived in Germany and had access to the Autobahn, that'd be one thing.

But here in California, you could do 180mph for about a half-second. Then you'd be prying your car out from some other guy's tailpipe.


From Mark Evanier comes the following two items. First, the passing of Charles Lane, at 102 years old. Here's Mark's write-up, which includes links to several stories about this fine actor whose face you probably know but whose name you didn't. Click here for his IMDb page. You'll see that he's been in just about every show in existence.

Then comes this bit of weirdness...which I find very clever and amusing.

But then, with me, it don't take much.


Today's title is a country song by Flatt & Scruggs.

Just so you know.


Okay, onward.

Be seeing you.


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