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2007-08-29 - 11:49 a.m.

So I worked a day shift yesterday. I then stopped by the store for a few things, and then went home to catch the Angels/Mariners game.

Hoo boy.

The Angels' starting pitcher for this game was Ervin Santana, who has been struggling of late. He recently was sent back to the minors because his command had been so bad. This is a starting rotation pitcher, being sent down because he was pitching was atrocious. How embarassing that must've been for him. Now, the main roster players play in the minors all the time - but it's usually an injury-rehabilitation assignment. If a player gets hurt, after he heals up he plays in his team's minor league system to test his injury and make sure things are truly healed before coming back to The Show.

Santana was sent down because he was pitching so badly. Ouch.

Anyway, Santana came back to the staring lineup a couple weeks ago and pitched brilliantly against the Red Sox. He had some trouble with his second outing, but got through.

Last night, however...ouch and oy vey. He faced a grand total of seven batters before being pulled.

That's not a typo, gang. SEVEN batters. He gave up two triples, a double, and two walks. Only one Mariner got out. The score was 5-0 in the bottom of the first inning.

Santana was pulled. Relief pitcher Dustin Moseley was put in. Moseley provided that relief - he shut out the Mariners for the next 5 1/3 innings. Then the bullpen did its job, holding the Mariners to just one more run.

The offense came through, though. The Angels tied it in the fifth inning and then had a huge 8th to win it 10-6.

Oh, and when Santana was in the minors, his rotation spot had been filled by...Dustin Moseley. I think Moseley pitched his way into the rotation for next year.

After last night, he deserves it.


I found out there'll be a promotion for the Angels' home game on September 6 - they're giving away fleece blankets to all fans in attendance.

So I went online and bought a ticket. Then I saw there's a heat alert for the rest of this week.

Oh well.


I found the perfect job for me.

And all I have to do is...


Got a couple things to do before stock up on water.

Be seeing you.


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