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2007-11-07 - 12:45 p.m.

Okay, here's the info on the brother/sister team that I mentioned yesterday: they're cats.

I'd been interested in getting another cat for awhile now. I was planning to wait until around Christmas time. But I saw an ad for two five-month-old black domestic shorthairs in the paper - a brother/sister couple named Mork & Mindy. There were too many serendipities for me to let them go: they both looked just like my beloved Midnite, who died five years ago; they were in perfect health; and, of course, the names - a perfect fit for silly old me...or so I thought.

So yesterday morning, I called the lady who ran the shelter where the kittens were housed. I got an appointment to go see them. I drove down and stayed for an hour, visiting with M&M and talking with Anjte. She liked what she heard from me, and liked what she saw on the application form - she agreed to come take a look at my apartment to see if the environment was right for them.

I spent a good part of the night thinking about what I had to do to get the place cat-ready. Then, around 7:30, I got a call from Anjte - the kittens had been placed with a family that was a better fit than me, a single guy in an apartment.

It hurt, but I understood - it's what's best for them. And she asked me to keep her shelter in mind when I wanted to try it's not like she said "lose my number, you don't derserve a pet".

I'd still like to do the yellow male/brown female thing, and call them The Doctor and his companion Peri.


A couple days ago, I printed the "definition" of racism that the University of Delaware that basically says that, if you're white you're automatically a racist. Walter Williams comments on that - and a couple other "definitions" - here.

This is what the fees at this school are going to.


From the Damn, You're Stupid Dept.:

A man in South Texas called police to report that two armed men had broken into his house...and had stolen 150 pounds of marijuana that he "had been wrapping for shipment".

Oh, and the guy's an illegal immigrant.


Remember the papers from the Clinton Presidential Library that are being suppressed till 2009? The ones that had to do with Hillary's role as First Lady?

Well, it seems another set of papers about her are not going to be released until in, until after the election.

The papers were written by Diane Blair for a book that was never written. Blair died in 2000. Only two copies were made - one went to the Clintons, and one went to the University Of Arkansas Library after Blair's death.

Supposedly, according to the article, the reports are "not yet processed"...despite an annual report from 2005-06 that said they were "nearing completion". The archivist was described in a 2006 university newsletter as having "previously processed the papers of the late Diane Blair."

Maybe nothing's wrong. But considering the Clinton Library's suppression of Hillary's past, it sure looks like something's going on.


Time to get on with my day.

Be seeing you.



2 comments so far

requiel - 2007-11-07 18:44:23 -
Aw, sorry about the kitties. You soooo deserve a pet! heh, that guy was so stupid.


artgnome - 2007-11-07 20:17:06 -
I hope you find the perfect new furry family members soon!


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