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Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

2008-01-18 - 11:43 a.m.

I took my apartment apart last night, searching for my receipts in preparation for Tax Guy. I know, I know - I should have a special place for these receipts. I did - on top of my table, in a special pile. But over time, those piles got moved to other places.

It's okay - I'm only missing one substantial one, and I'm pretty sure I know where it is. I'll be going to the office of Tax Guy today to pick up the 10-99 forms for the band work, so I'll probably make my appointment to do my taxes when I get there.


Speaking of taxes...

Hillary pretended to be a flight attendant on her campaign plane and did a silly little "safety" announcement. She said something like, "if you'll look out of the right side of the airplane you'll see tax cuts for the wealthy".

Right. Well, according to data from the Congressional Budget Office, the richest 1% of households in the U.S. are now paying a record 27.6% of all federal taxes and a record of 38.8% of all federal income taxes. Boortz has a nifty little item here that even includes a chart.

And, once again, I point to this essay that talks about what the rich truly pay in income taxes.


Reclusive and erratic chess master Bobby Fischer has passed away at age 64.

His chess genius, sadly, was eclipsed by his outbursts and anti-Semitic statements.

But in the end, Death always wins the game. Checkmate.


Remember, Oprah got her own TV network?

Well, here's Letterman's Top 10 new shows on the OWN:
#10 "Law and Oprah"
# 9 "The Oprentice"
# 8 "As Oprah's World Turns"
# 7 "Two and a Half Stedmans"
# 6 "Hawaii Five-Oprah"
# 5 "Gayle King of Queens"
# 4 No number four -- writer making his Bucket List
# 3 "Sofa Repair With Tom Cruise"
# 2 "Oprahstar Galactica"

And the #1 new show on the OWN.....

"More Bullshit From Dr. Phil"


=== really CAN get anything at

Not that I'd actually BUY any of those things. But STILL...


Well, I have a buncha shit-to-dos.

And then, the gig.

Be seeing you.


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