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You Ain't Much Fun (Since I Quit Drinkin')

2008-01-29 - 11:22 a.m.

The rain has pretty much stopped. There may be more on Wednesday, but hopefully it'll be cleared up by Thursday, my day off.

And so, onward with the silliness.


The group known as Anonymous has a website about their war on Scientology. Very interesting reading.

Hud has been watching this with great interest and, frankly, so am I. Anyone remember when Isaac Hayes quit South Park? It was because they insulted the Church of Scientology, of which he is a member. He had no problems with them insulting blacks, women, gays, Jews, Christians, et al...but when they did this episode, suddenly he had a problem.

The Navajo have a word for this - that word is "bullshit".


The Clintons are once again being called "deceitful" and "dishonest".

What's new about that? Well, it's the fact that those statements are coming from liberals.

How fast things change.


In the Peaceful Loving Religion, My Ass Dept.:

A Muslim woman in New York went to an online dating service. When she refused to become one of her date's wives - even temporarily - he attacked her in the Arab press. And now there's the possiblility of her being the target of an "honor killing".

Can't find a crazy person to date? Go online!


And in Wisconsin, a woman calls 911 on her own cell phone because her boyfriend thinks she's too drunk to drive.

Maybe she was depressed about Green Bay losing to the Giants.


Okay. Lots to do, and I need to be at work early.

Be seeing you.


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