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2008-03-13 - 12:07 p.m.

Day off today, but there's lots of running around going on. Bob's DAT has been repaired, so I'm going to pick it up and help him re-install it. I got the delivery of a new board game that I'm looking forward to breaking in on the next game day.

My next game purchase - probably with tax refund money - will be Gloom.


Last night I actually made it further in TRON 2.0 than I ever have. I have to learn not to run through levels like a bull in a china shop, attracting the attention of all the bad guys. I need to tip-toe, peek around corners, and snipe at long range.

Be vewy, vewy quiet...I'm hunting z-Lots. Heh heh heh heh...


In Quebec, record snowfall has prompted "snow rage" incidents. One man was arrested for threatening a snowblower operator with a shotgun because she was putting the snow in his yard.

This last winter, global temperatures have cooled by one degree - completely erasing the "massive" one degree raise caused during the last hundred years by global warming. So you know that Al Gore and compatriots will say: "See? SEE? We were right! You listened, and it cooled off! We will save the world...

...for a small fee, of course."


Oh, that wacky Islam! A man has been arrested for the attempted "honor killing" of his sister. The bullets shattered on impact and didn't penetrate her skull. The family "warmly praised" the man for the attempted murder.

So if a woman embarrasses or "dishonors" her family, it's all right to kill her. Actually, sometimes you don't even need proof. That means, under sharia law, Britney, Lindsay, Jamie Lynn et al are toast. There goes the entire paparazzi industry right there.

I wonder if participating in this would qualify.


The Daily Show did a bit on the Marines in Berkeley flap. They interviewed a few members of Code Pink. It's amazing what comes out of some of their mouths:

CP MEMBER: "It's very important to protect free speech, and so we clearly have a right to be here."
INTERVIEWER: "If only there was an organization that was sworn to defend that free speech."
CP MEMBER: "That would be great!"

The same person said that there would be no crime if we didn't have weapons. Uh HUH. Yeah, knowing TDS it's a spoof and that character was an actor, but you never know...this IS Berkeley, after all.


So. I go get the DAT, have a nice relaxing lunch, and then go to Bob's.

Maybe I can convince him to learn this classic tune.


Be seeing you.


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