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The Rain, The Park[ing Lot], And Other Things

2008-04-01 - 12:02 p.m.

I mentioned yesterday that the Carl's Jr. over by my work is closed for a "re-build". When I went past, there's one of those green construction fences all around the property - including the parking lot.


And now, the weather report. It's cloudy and gray here at Chez Too Old. My Weather Channel Desktop thingie says it's going to rain Wednesday and Thursday. The temperatures have been in the 50s and 60s.

Hey, Brin - come get your weather! It's escaped!


Speaking of northern California...

Congratulations to the city council of Berkeley - thanks to your anti-Marine stance, you've cost your city over $210,000 in police overtime for all the protestors...not to mention all the lost revenue from folks doing business elsewhere.

One item alone:

The Lafayette War Veterans Golf Committee has moved their third annual fundraising golf tournament outside of the Berkeley. Their stated reason is due to the cities hostile attitude toward the Marine Corps.

All the people from that tournament - spending money in the city, staying in hotels in the city, eating at restaurants in the city, etc. - all went somewhere else.

I hope the Berkeley city council think it's worth it.


Got an interesting e-mail from the Hillary campaign. For your edification, I present it in its entirety:

My name is Max Laughton. I represent the Campaign To Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A routine internet search of Mrs. Clinton's name led us to an entry in your blog entitled "My Way" ( We have since read several entries and have taken notice of your increased disdain of Mrs. Clinton. We have especially noted your sarcastic use of the words "queen" and "coronation" in reference to Mrs. Clinton's upcoming nomination and election to the position of President Of The United States Of America.

You are hereby instructed to refrain from any further use of these terms in reference to Mrs. Clinton and her upcoming nomination and election. Failure to follow these instructions will result in our taking steps to ensure your cooperation.

I sincerely hope you will heed this letter. I do not wish to take further action, but I shall if I am so instructed.

Here's my response:

Mr. Laughton:

This is still America, and despite your attitude about its inevitibility your "candidate" hasn't been elected yet.

Under the First Amendment I still have the right to speak my opinions, and I shall continue to do so in public and private forums.

By the way, what would a libertarian newspaper such as the Orange County Register (my newspaper of choice) have to say about the tactics you are employing? I'm certain that, given the opportunity, they would love the chance to do so.

Have a nice day.

Note also that, in linking to this story, I'm not using the terms that has Mr. Laughton's tighty-whiteys in a bunch.


The people at Earth Day Network want to flood Congress with one million phone calls demanding eco-friendly measures.

Well, gee...that'll require more electricity. And since we don't have much nuclear power, that means more emissions from power plants to handle the demand on phone lines and cell towers.

How do they think telephones work? Magic?


Well, I have much to do today...including lunch.

Be seeing you.


5 comments so far

Brin - 2008-04-01 14:08:30 -
I once logged on after an eight hour blackout that made national news. I went into the chat room and one of them actually said to me "Hey, is your power back on?" and I said "No, I'm powering my computer by rubbing balloons in my hair!"


Dave - 2008-04-01 15:16:11 -
Did you add "Here's your sign"? :)


Bob - 2008-04-02 08:36:16 -
"And if I say Kirk is a Denebian Slime Devil, well, that's my opinion too." -- But serious, Dave, have you considered forwarding the e-mail to both the federal authorities (last I heard, neither the words 'queen' or 'coronation' had been stricken from the dictionary), or even to the Obama campaign?


Brin - 2008-04-02 20:19:06 -
Hey, Bob! Thanks for playing!


Dave - 2008-04-02 20:51:00 -
Congratulations, Bob - you found the April Fools Day entry! Gotcha!


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