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2008-04-07 - 12:31 p.m.

Last night, Brin and I stopped off at the nearby Sam Ash store to kick tires on some new gear. One of my tom-tom mounts on my drum kit has stripped out, and I was looking at the cost of repair parts.

Shane, the drum department employee who helped me, determined that it was the wing nut that was stripped - no surprise to me, because I've had about four wing nuts on this kit strip out over the last eight years I've owned it. Shane then dug through several bins of extra wing nuts for about fifteen minutes and found one that worked. It became a freebie - no charge.

I also found a piece of gear from Pearl that may replace my entire mount, if push comes to shove...and it's reasonably priced, too.

Then we took Bob Chance out to dinner at the local Red Robin and then took a trip out to the Park. We got to see the Fantasmic! show in its entirety - pretty cool show with lotsa pyrotechnics and water fountain art.

Then we grabbed our usual pretzel and came home.


This morning, I woke Brin with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" and presented her with a card and gift - one of those glass-block-with-design-etched-inside thingies. This one was of one of her favorite characters...and I just couldn't resist.

Despite being sleepy, she was appreciative.


Hillary had been telling a story in her stump speeches about a pregnant woman who was denied services at a hospital, lost the baby, and then died two weeks later from complications. The reason this woman was denied - she had no insurance and didn't have the $100 hospital fee.

Well, guess what? It never happened. This woman was under the care of an obstetrics practice, and she in fact had insurance The hospital never denied her care.

So the question in my mind is: why didn't the Clinton people fact-check the story? Did control-freak Hillary simply trust the people who handed the speech to her without even asking to be sure it was real? Hillary says she didn't know the story wasn't true, so I suppose this doesn't count as a lie. But it sure makes her look foolish.

Somebody's going to get fired for this...for screwing up the coronation nomination process.

A couple more bombs like this, and her campaign will come tumbling down.


British government is planning to set a minimum price for alcohol, in an effort to curb drinking.

Pissing off a bunch of drunks. This should end well.

"You can't take away people's right to be assholes." - Simon Phoenix, "Demolition Man"


Okay. Lunch, and then work.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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