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2008-04-10 - 10:35 a.m.

Sat up last night and watched Once with Brin last night. Yes, it's slow in places and there's a couple of "obligatory" scenes (the producer who thinks he's wasting his time with a group of "fucking oddballs" until he hears them play, the waiting-for-the-girl-who-isn't-going-to-show-up-and-everyone-knows-it-except-the-guy scene), but it IS a nice little movie.

And the music - written for the movie by the male lead, Glen Hansard - is very good.


In Los Angeles, a gang member who also happened to be in this country illegally was released from prison and then shot a high school football player to death the next day. Since the gang member's citizenship wasn't questioned before he was released, a political opponent of LA's mayor is pushing a city ordinance to crack down on illegal immigrant gangs - as in gangs made up of illegals.

Just wait - there will be screams of "racial profiling" before too long.


If you happen to be homosexual, cross Egypt off your vacation list.


Gee, it's nice to know that government has solved all the truly pressing problems facing this nation so they could work on this piece of legislation for hybrid cars.

Wait - didn't Congress help draft the laws that necessitated the creation of hybrid cars in the first place? You know...taxes on oil, mileage mandates, stuff like that.


While I have eaten sushi and am sometimes willing to try ethnic foods, there's a list of things I won't escargot, frog's legs (even before the Carlin joke), bugs, and such like that.

Well, add this to the list.



It's been determined that, because the Olympic torch is being flown in a global tour, it is producing 5,500 TONS of CO2.

Al Gore's house still wins.


And our final item (I hear you cheering)...

Crayola has announced it is wussify-ing the Big 64 box yet again by changing more color names on eight of the crayons

A few examples: "turquoise blue" is now "happy ever after", "watermelon" will now to be referred to as "awesome", and "orchid" is now the color formerly known as "orchid" "best friends".

"Red" was not available for comment.


Okay. Lots of things planned for today, including getting more Frontline for Solange.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


1 comments so far

Bob - 2008-04-10 20:19:13 -
Re: Crayola - egads. What's next, renaming numbers so *they're* more cool? "And groovin' plus scary-cool equals TOO DUMB TO FIND THE PISSPOT WITHOUT A MAP." (Oh, wait, *this* generation would have to go on the internets and Google printed directions.)


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