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2008-04-14 - 11:20 a.m.

Well, while Brin flew up to Sacramento, I worked and slept.

I also went to a game night and got to play Ra before picking up Brin at the airport. Then we stayed up to watch an episode of Da Vinci's Inquest before everything from the weekend caught up with us. I don't know about Brin, but my sleep was a dreamless jump-cut :suddenly it was nine hours later and I wasn't sleepy anymore.


Well, Dr. Phil, that fine upstanding citizen, has bailed out the ringleader of the group that beat another girl just to put the video on YouTube.

Isn't that great? These losers beat the crap out of someone so that they can post the video on YouTube and be famous. Then Dr. Phil comes along and helps the ringleader become MORE famous than she ever thought she would.

Gee, what must've been going through this bully's mind when she found out she'd be on Dr. Phil's show? "I get to be on TV...REAL TV! Maybe some agent will pick me up...I can get on 'Flavor Of Love'! And if I screw myself up even more...'Celebrity Rehab'! I could meet Dr. Drew!"

Well now people on the show are saying that bailing out the girl was a violation of show rules, so they aren't going to go forward with the bullies' story. Watch them sue the show for "breach of promise" or somesuch.

And this is the item that the title links to. Check out the lyrics here.


It's a red-letter day - Hillary has told Bill to shut his pie hole.

Now, if she can just get him to keep his pants up.


This article claims California's spending woes are all because of Prop. 13, the measure enacted by the people in 1978 to control property taxes.

Prop. 13 - approved by voters in 1978 - and subsequent tax-limit measures have made responsible fiscal planning impossible at the state level. By shrinking revenue from property taxes, Prop. 13 has distorted local government financing and land-use planning. Instead, local governments must rely on sales tax-generating shopping malls and housing sprawl tied to developer fees. Meanwhile, the state, which had helped cash-strapped local governments and school districts deal with Prop. 13, now faces its own fiscal crisis.


It was the first blow by those who wanted to minimize government, who regarded all taxes as "felony grand theft," to quote the late Howard Jarvis, who led the Prop. 13 campaign. Thirty years later, that attitude is handicapping not only government but also our economic future [...]

How about we stop building things like a $600 million global warming research center and control spending? Oh wait...that money is coming from utility taxes...which they would want to raise. Why not raise those and put the $600 million elsewhere??


Speaking of which...

Democrats cry about high energy costs and those evil greenhouse gases. Then why did they reject lifting a ban on building new nuclear power plants, which generate NO greenhouse gases?

Even one of the co-founders of Greenpeace says nuclear energy is a good idea.


Now here's a couple that have their priorities straight - they fought in a Hollywood Video store about which gang their child would join.

The boy is four years old.


And on that note of stupidity, it's time to get on with the day.

Be seeing you.


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