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How Green Was My Valley

2008-06-19 - 10:42 a.m.

Brin arrived yesterday and, right on schedule, the temperatures spiked.

It's been in the low 80s over the last week or so. Yesterday it went to the mid-90s, and is expected to stay there for the weekend.

Due to my allergy attack, lack of sleep, lack of food, and Brin's susceptibility to heat, we wound up hunkering down for the evening in the bedroom with every fan on and watched the Mets beat the Angels over ten innings. By then the heat had abated, so we went to our respective corners and slept.

Now, it's Thursday. We've had about ten hours of sleep and are pretty much our old selves. My allergies are still going, but not to the extent it was yesterday.

Now, if we can just last through the weekend...


John McCain is calling for 45 new nuclear reactors to be built by 2030, saying "the measures will reduce American dependence on foreign oil".

Yeah. Like the environmental lobby will ever let them be built.

And there's your title link.


Speaking of John McCain, Dick Morris writes here about how gas prices will probably be the defining issue for this election, and how speculators are driving up oil prices by adding their own supply-and-demand to the world's.

Let's hope there will be a real solution in there somewhere, in addition to more drilling in the US.


Switching to Barack Obama...

His campaign is being criticized for not allowing two Muslim women to sit in the crowd behind the candidate during a political event. The reason given was that they didn't want the women's headscarves to be seen on television or in photographs of Obama.

Now, according to the article, choosing who will be seen behind the candidate is nothing new. However, since Obama has promised to "transcend identity politics", it seems very hypocritical. But then, he's a politician. That goes with the territory.

According to the article, the campaign has "has no policy against the candidate's appearing with women in headscarves".

Fine. Then the volunteers either need to be trained better or there's an unstated background policy. Which is it?


Well, here's a novel way to finance a vehicle purchase:

Cops are hunting a man who allegedly robbed money from a bank to buy a used truck while the salesman waited outside.

About 10 a.m. Tuesday, a man took the truck for a test drive from a downtown car dealership.

The salesman tagged along and the two went to a bank near 111 Avenue and Groat Road, where he waited inside the truck while the man went inside. The man told the salesman he needed to get money to pay for the truck.

The salesman didn't know it, but the man allegedly passed a note to a bank teller demanding cash. He got the cash and left the bank.

He climbed inside the truck and told the salesman he wanted to show the truck to a friend in Sherwood Park before buying it.

He drove the truck to a gas station near the Lakeland Village trailer park.

The salesman had become suspicious, so as soon as the man left the truck to go into the gas station, he took the keys from the truck and called 911.

The alleged robber realized what was going on and fled on foot.

Cops believe the alleged robber is Marcel Perrot, 40. He's a Metis male who stands about six-foot-one and weighs 230 pounds.

He has brown hair and brown eyes and several tattoos including a unicorn on his right shoulder, a dragon and panther on his left shoulder, and a serpent on his upper right arm.

Another Darwin Award winner in the making.


In breaking news, Jamie Lynn Spears has given birth to a baby girl.

Several months ago it was announced that the baby would be raised by Mom so Jamie Lynn could "focus on her career".

Well, she's already done such a great job with Britney. What could possibly go wrong?


Milestone time - this is my 500th entry with a song title.



Okay, there are things to be done before I go to work.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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