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2008-08-14 - 1:58 p.m.

The saga of the LaserTag Difficulties may be nearing an end (and now that I've said that, watch it blow up in my face).

We got another replacement part - a cable that will need to be run through the ceiling. It connects the computer that runs the game and the broadcast module that sends out the commands.

So I'm going in to work (on my day off) to install this. A few more hours on the time clock, and brownie points for coming in on my day off.



If it's about wind and natural gas, Washington must be involved.

So...we know Nancy Pelosi refuses to allow any more drilling. We may know why, now: in 2007 she received monies from Clean Energy Fuels Corporation. It's a company that provides natural gas, and it's owned by T. Boone Pickens.

So she received monies from a company whose owner is now pushing wind power. And she also purchased a great deal of stock in this company at its IPO in May 2007. So if the company is successful, she stands to make a great deal of money.

And Pelosi is upset because drilling may increase profits of the oil companies. Sheese.


Oh dear - there may not be enough limousines for all the folks attending the DNC in Denver!

How about getting a fleet of Priuses and walk the fucking walk??


Speaking of "walking the walk", here's an item from about a horse-rescue charity event. The charity rescues horses from being slaughtered and its meat used in Mexico to make dog food and such. It's chaired by Madonna and the event, hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow, was held in the Hamptons. Tickets were $2,500.

Hey, great. It's a good cause (I happen to like horses, myself), celebrities to meet...what's not to like?

It helps if said celebs put in an appearance.


Well, I have a few things to do before going in to deal with work stuff tonight.

Be seeing you.


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