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2008-10-06 - 1:27 p.m.

This was a very active weekend here at Chez Too Old...and it all revolved around the computer.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I was going to put my new computer desk together. Roommate Jim was going to be out of town for the weekend, so this gave me the perfect chance - I could spread the parts out and not worry about him stumbling all over everything on the way to the bathroom.

So I opened the box, laid out the parts in numerical order, panicked about some missing screws (which weren't) and a missing part (which I found). Then I took apart the computer and the old desk and found spaces for THOSE parts. There was a minor delay when I got my own screwdriver from my toolbox because the little bitty one that came with the desk just didn't give me enough leverage. Then came putting the computer back together.

All told, it took about six hours, but it's done:

Now if I can just keep it tidier than my OLD one.

Then, at the bar, the owner asked if we could play on Saturday afternoon for the birthday party of one of the barflies. I said I would...I was planning on going to the gaming group, but the money from the gig will come in handy.


Saturday was spent cleaning up all the excelsior from the desk - bags, thin sheets of Styrofoam, the box, etc.

I also moved the parts of my old desk down into storage. No big deal there - it's made up of six pieces and four screws.


Then, Sunday. One of my disk drives in my computer was getting filled up to capacity. I finally got it in my head to upgrade it. A friend had given me his old disk drive - it's got about five times more space.

So I cloned the old drive onto the new one and then installed it in its proper space. Since you see me now, it obviously worked. There were a couple snafus, but nothing really major.

While that was happening, I watched the Angels game. The scariest moment came in the bottom of the 2nd, when Jacoby Ellsbury of the Red Sox popped up into shallow center field. Howie Kendrick (2B), Erick Aybar (SS), and Torii Hunter (CF) all went after it. Kendrick raised his hands like he was going to take it...and then spied Hunter. Kendrick STOPPED. Hunter saw Kendrick's hands go up and thought Kendrick was under the HE stopped. Aybar wasn't in a good position, and thought one of the other guys had AYBAR stopped. The ball landed between all of them. Ellsbury scored three runs with a single - and that was the first time in post-season play that it's ever happened. (Side note: in today's paper, Hunter takes responsibility for the mishap, saying it's his job as center fielder to communicate who's going to take it.)

The game went into extra innings, twelve in all. They played for over five hours. Starter Jared Weaver, in a new role in the bullpen for this series, pitched the last two innings as the Angels won, 5-4. This snaps an eleven-game losing streak to the Red Sox in post-season play.

And they're gonna play again tonight. Let's hope the Angels win, so they can bring the final game back here.


And now, more work.

Be seeing you.


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