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Happy Anniversary

2008-12-05 - 12:17 p.m.

One year ago today, I went down to the local animal shelter and met a young lady who has, I do believe, changed my life for the better.

Happy anniversary, Solange.


GM CEO Rick Wagoner drove to DC to plead his case for the bailout in a 2010 Chevy Volt, the newest electric car from the auto giant.

Well, not quite. He only drove it the last few miles. He drove a Malibu hybrid most of the way, and then drove the Volt "last few highly-visible miles of his journey". The Volt was shipped to DC - most likely on a flatbed, with other vehicles escorting it (corporate security, ya know).

And the Volt is the future of the company?

There's a video over at that shows Wagoner getting out of the Volt. He's 6' 4 - he couldn't have been that comfortable on a long drive. And I guess that, at least with the Volt, hubcaps are extra.

Here's the commentary from Deceiver reader Minnow:

The Volt can go 40 miles before it needs a recharge.

Anyone want to ask Nancy Pelosi how sheís driving home?????

The 40 mile battery is a limit of current technology. Not just American technology, but world wide. Even Tesla, a company who is totally devoted to producing an electric vehicle canít get much past the 40 mile barrier.

The Volt, Fordís Think, and Chryslerís EnVi are running on a Japanese batteries, designed in Japan, produced in Japan. GM (closest to production) is at the mercy of Japan to decide how many of these batteries Japan wants to produce for the US market and how many Japan really wants to sell us. Remember, Japan isnít looking out for our benefit, they want to sell you their own electric cars.

Now ponder this for a moment, will ya?

This is the car D.C. says that YOU the customer want to purchase. Congress says that youíre dying for this car, that YOU the customer will be beating down Detroitís door to get your hands on this car. This is the car they want to MANDATE that all the Big 3 produce to lift themselves out of this current economic mess.

How many of you really want to purchase a 40 mile car?

How many of you want to squeeze your entire family into this clown mobile?

How many of you want to own 2 cars, one for quick errands and one for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING else?

How many of you are ready to pay higher electricity bills?

How many of your cities are ready for a couple million cars plugging in every night?

How many of you want to insure a feather light plastic car with tender technology under the hood against collision with a semi-truck?

How many of you want to spend $35,000 - $40,000 for this car?

Yes, I said $40,000. Thatís AFTER a $7,000 tax rebate incentive. And thatís just the pre-production price estimate, long before we get an idea if the Japanese are going to sell us enough batteries at the price we plan to pay.

Letís be honest. The Big 3 guys are willing to lick dirt to get this federal money. Theyíll promise anything. Theyíre willing to impregnate Satanís mother in law in order to survive this credit freeze.

Because current available bank car loans are scarcer than Gwynethís functioning synapses.

And Congress (who created this happy credit crisis) is right now, at this very second, telling the Big 3 that the only way theyíre going to give them a loan is if they produce more electric cars.

Is this the car YOU want?

Congress is speaking for you.

Is this really what you want?

Can't say it better than that.


I'm seeing some reports that O. J. Simpson got fifteen years, and one that he got sixteen. Since it's a state prison, he'd be eligible for parole around 2015 or so.

And this will be a Nevada jail, not a California we're-nice-to-celebrities jail.

My guess is, he'll be put into solitary confinement for his own safety. If he's put in with the general population, someone trying to make his bones will try to shiv him.


From the I'll Believe It When I See It Dept.:

Disney is evidently planning a live-action Tinker Bell movie, where the little fairy finds out what it's like to be a real girl.

One of the actresses lobbying for the role is...Paris Hilton.

All together, now - God help us all.


My brother's computer is still not working. So I get to drive over to his place to help fix it.

So, rent first. Then a drive.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

Bindyree aka Brin - 2008-12-05 20:23:06 -
I hope you and your kitteh have many wonderful years together!!


abby - 2008-12-06 19:58:03 -
happy anniversary to one of the best kitteh-hooman pairs i've ever had the pleasure to read about.


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