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Good Timin'

2009-03-09 - 12:47 p.m.

Everyone have a good weekend? Excellent.

Mine was fine, except for Sunday. Well, part of Sunday.

I was heading to the Game Night when I got an electronic warning that my tire pressure was low. I pulled off the freeway and checked, and sure enough I had picked up a screw.

Rather than wait a day and go to my local guy, I got it fixed in the high-end Irvine area. But it's fixed.

That was the only bad part, unless you count me coming in last while playing Formula D. While chit-chatting about life-in-general, I was offered a replacement monitor for free. Perfect timing, since the one I have is really being a pain. Unfortunately, when I drove up after the games to pick it up it turned out that it had already been donated, probably "during the last garage sale".

But it was still a wonderful, generous gesture. I'm so glad I met these people.

And I'm looking at a flat screen to replace my current one. Plans are in place.


Oh, I forgot to add this to Friday's story about my Disneyland trip.

I'm in line at the security checkpoint (where they check everyone's bags before you enter the Plaza area). This girl - she looked to be about 17, despite the elaborate "clinging vine" tattoo on her right arm - came up the "exit" line. She was trying to bypass the checkpoint.

The nice lady checking the bags told her she had to go through the line. The girl threw her hands down - you know that pose, right? - and actually said, "But I don't have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaag, why do I have to WAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIITTT??" She then turned around and stomped off, presumably to head to the back of the line.

Well, gee whiz - I didn't have a bag either, and I had to wait.

I guess she was spe-shul.


Prince Charles is "preparing to tell the world we have 'less than 100 months to act' before the damage called by global warming becomes irreversible".

Uh HUH. So why is he spreading this message by flying all over the world in a private jet with all the trimmings?

Look out, Al Gore - you've got competition. And just in time for the competition.


Look out, Phil...Jack is back.


Okay, Gotta get going.

Be seeing you.


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