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Too Young

2009-06-17 - 10:11 a.m.

Sometimes when I'm wrong I'm REALLY wrong.

The loud softball game between the sixth-grade students and their teachers turned out to be THIS morning.

I was awakened at 8am by the start of the music. At 8:30 they announced the National Anthem and the Pledge Of Allegiance.

The game has been going on for the last hour. In between batters and innings, they are playing what sounds like the Kidz Bop CDs...with songs like "Get This Party Started" by Pink and "Complicated" from Avril Lavigne. I dunno how age-appropriate such songs are for (presumably) twelve-year-olds. Mine not to reason why.

THIS time, there's no blinding headache - just a need for more sleep.


Last night's grad night prep went well. The only oddity were the folks who would walk past the large CLOSED barricade that was placed in front of the front door, stop and read the signs that said CLOSING AT 7 PM FOR A PRIVATE PARTY (that were taped to the door at face level), walk in and see that the games are turned off, and then ask, "Are you closed?"

Or "Is the miniature golf closed too?"

Or "Will you be closed all night?"



The game is over.

I'm going back to bed, but I'll probably wake up in time for the Angels-Giants game at 12:30.

Be seeing you.


2 comments so far

artgnome - 2009-06-17 19:48:42 -
Nothing like customers with "dumb cow" syndrome. agh. Hope the noise goes away soon, too. I'm so envious that you brought two cats together, both female, and they get along fine. I have not ever been able to accomplish this. Mine always have a clear and annoying disdain for each other.


Wyndspirit - 2009-06-18 05:46:11 -
I think it's more the personality than the gender. My old lady cat is an equal opportunity hater of other cats (has been since she's been a kitten) and my youngest ladies either love all other cats or have no sense of self-preservation, I haven't decided which.


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