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Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie

2009-07-10 - 11:48 a.m.

We did make it to Ikea and, while we did not get hot dogs, we did get cookies and cat dishes.

The new dishes are part of the Ikea 365+ line - basic white crockery with no patterns, durable and easy to clean. I picked up four, along with a wok for $8 and a couple other thingies for less than $23 total.

Brin got a bunch of the Anna's cookies and promptly devoured a boxful...which gave us enough energy to make it to the Park for the Electrical Parade.

After getting through the rush of people leaving and the rush of the sugar from all those cookies, we decided to come home.

So that was our day. Quiet but productive.


Check this out:

Carol Browner, former Clinton administration EPA head and current Obama White House climate czar, instructed auto industry execs "to put nothing in writing, ever" regarding secret negotiations she orchestrated regarding a deal to increase federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-WI, is demanding a congressional investigation of Browner's conduct in the CAFE talks, saying in a letter to Rep. Henry Waxman, D-CA, that Browner "intended to leave little or no documentation of the deliberations that lead to stringent new CAFE standards."

Federal law requires officials to preserve documents concerning significant policy decisions, so instructing participants in a policy negotiation concerning a major federal policy change could be viewed as a criminal act.

Whatever happened to the "openness and transparency" that was promised by this administration? Oh wait, this is the EPA we're talking about...the same agency that deliberately suppressed a report saying that the economic consequences of "global warming" laws would be disastrous.

And by the way...even some senators are saying that the cap-and-trade bill that was just rammed through (and that we never got our five days to review) will do absolutely nothing for the environment.

But just think of all the money that'll come in! It can go in with the "leftover" TARP money and can be spent on...well, gee - what can they spend it on?

How about giving the taxpayers OUR money back? Too radical?


Michael Jackson's body - in its gold-plated coffin - has yet to be buried.

I will NOT go for the obvious joke. Will NOT.

But I will think it.


So today there will be a few things to deal with, and then heading to the Park for assorted retail therapy.

Have a good weekend.


1 comments so far

Bob - 2009-07-13 17:24:19 -
I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you, that someone in government would hold secret meetings pertaining to energy/fuel standards *coughDickCheney*!


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