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2009-07-28 - 12:47 p.m.

Had a minor panic yesterday with my iPod shuffle. This is one of the little weensy no-screen units - only 1GB of memory, but I've never filled it.

I've been getting the weekly podcast of the Frosty, Heidi, and Frank Show for the last couple of months. I connect the iPod to a cassette adapter and then listen to it in bits and pieces as I drive.

So yesterday I pulled into my local KFC for a quick lunch before work. As usual, I turned off my iPod and put it in the console. When I came back from lunch, the iPod refused to play. There were flashing lights that indicated an error of some kind.

I tried the usual quick fixes - shutting it off for thirty seconds, making sure it hadn't overheated - and the problem persisted.

Since I didn't have time to drive home and dig out the manual (or boot up the computer to go to the Apple Help Desk), I instead asked Brin to look into it. Her suggestion was to check the switches and, if necessary, we could do a complete manual reset once I got home.

When I looked at the iPod, I saw that the toggle had gotten moved from "repeat" to "shuffle". Since the podcast was the only thing on it, the iPod couldn't shuffle. It was being asked to do something it couldn't do - therefore it said "screw you, pal" and shut down.

I moved it to "repeat" and it immediately started behaving again.

So thanks to Brin for looking it up for me. Now I know better.


Do you support President Obama's health insurance plan? Dennis Prager has ten questions for you.

They're all good, but take note of #1.


Speaking of which...

I'm now seeing a commercial for a health insurance plan...with Billy Mays as its pitchman.

Kinda creepy.


I'm in the mood for HomeTown.

So I gotta get going.

Be seeing you.


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