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Born In The U. S. A.

2009-08-04 - 12:06 p.m.

Well, the temperature is up a bit, but according to the local news it's supposed to drop down some over the rest of the week.

And, according to my boss, summer season will last through September 8.

So another week has been tacked on to the "three months of chaos". Ah well.


Today is President Barack Obama's birthday. And as such, I'm inclined to speak out about a controversy that needs to be squashed.

You know those "truthers" - the folks who believe 9/11 was an "inside job" performed by government agents? Or that it was done by the Jews to prevent the government from seeing just how much money they have? Or the Twin Towers were brought down by aliens who saw it as an obscene phallic symbol that emulated their alien penises?

Okay, I'm not sure about that last one. But if it was an inside job, that would mean that the two planes were flown into the Towers (and the Pentagon) just for the hell of it. Also, you would presume that the security cameras that (presumably) were all over both buildings would have picked up images of someone - more likely several someones - bringing in enough explosives to bring the Towers down.

Sorry to re-open those wounds. I personally know folks who had co-workers that were killed on 9/11. But the "truthers" are fools...which brings up my next point.

There is currently a "birthers" group - folks who believe Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii but Kenya, and therefore ineligible to be President. This group includes some Republican lawmakers.

Now, Hawaiian state law forbids "public release of an individual's birth certificate". There have been copies posted, but the original has never been released. The director of Hawaii's State Department of Health, one Dr. Chiyome Fukino, has stated more than once that she has "seen the original vital records".

Personally, I think the "birthers" are 100% wrong. But I do agree with this pundit - Barack Obama, as president, could give the state of Hawaii permission to release the original birth certificate and prove that the "birthers" are wrong.

It would be a way to embarrass these folks, which include the supposed "leader of the Republicans" - Rush Limbaugh. It would also help prop up the campaign promise about this being a "transparent" administration. So why not?

George W. Bush endured much worse from the Democrats during his administration. This would be an opportunity for the Democrats. I'm surprised that they won't take it.


Still think the "evil rich" don't pay their "fair share" in taxes?

You're still wrong.


Forgot to tell y'all.

I came home from the gig Saturday night/Sunday morning, and heard music coming from next door. I recognized the song, but it wasn't being done by the original artist.

I was pretty sure I knew what my neighbor was watching, and it turns out I was right. But I was still surprised.

It was Sgt. Pepper.


And on that image, I need to get going.

Be seeing you.


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