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2009-08-31 - 12:02 p.m.

Friday I got the word - we go back to winter hours starting today, which means I start at 2pm.

So, let's get started.


It's been hot here. I mean, REALLY hot.

The temperatures jumped to the mid-100s, after weeks of mid-80s to low 90s. And the cooling trend that was supposed to start today won't start until Wednesday, according to my Weather Channel widget.

The cats have been staying in the bathroom for the most part. I've tried to keep the place as cool as I can, but the fans are really just moving the hot air around. I keep their water fountain full, and check on them. I took this picture a couple days ago to show Brin, and she posted it on her Twitter account.

I hope they are this comfortable with each other when it gets colder.


Speaking of Twitter...

If you're in the UK and your kids use Twitter, your insurance premiums may go up.


Don't know if you've seen this video or not.

Police officer Wesley Cheeks, while working as a security guard at a town-hall event, decided that he didn't like a protester's sign that showed the Obama-as-the-Joker picture. He tells the protester to put it face down or the protester will be charged with trespassing. In fact, Cheeks said he could "charge [him] with whatever I want to".

The protester, naturally, protests - no one else is being charged with trespassing due to THEIR signs. "This used to be America!" the protester says.

Cheeks' reply: "It ain't no more, okay?"

Sorry, officer - it still is America.


Remember President Obama's promise not to raise taxes on 95% of Americans - never mind that a large percentage (including me) pay no taxes?



Back in the day, I used to play an online game called Acrophobia.

The new version is called AcroChallenge.

I sign in as CaliforniaDave. Maybe I'll see you there.


Okay. I need to be in to work a bit earlier.

Be seeing you.


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