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2009-10-28 - 12:27 p.m.

I awoke this morning to a thud and a scream from Brin. I took off my CPAP mask and dashed into the bedroom just as Laila was dashing OUT.

It turns out that Laila was trying to get up to the window perch. Since Brin's suitcases are blocking Laila's usual "launching point" on the floor, she has taken to using another route: behind my desk, onto a nightstand, and up onto the dresser. From there, she goes over the TV and VCR and then to the perch.

Well, Laila put her weight on the wrong end of the VCR. It tilted, dropping the books that were atop it onto the dresser. This caused the THUD and the scream mentioned earlier...and also explained the fast-moving cat leaving the bedroom.

Once I made sure that all the involved females were unhurt, we fed the cats a little dry food and, since we were awakened early enough, Brin and I got dressed and headed to Disneyland and our traditional brekkie at the River Belle.

THIS time, we were the first to arrive at the River Belle. No lines, no customers at all. We even beat the ice cubes for the sodas.

Anyways, after breakfast we did the Nightmare-Before-Christmas-themed Haunted Mansion...which was a Good Idea, since Brin is unlikely to return in time to see it again before it's reset to its "normal" appearance.

Such was our morning.


So Larry David is in trouble with the Catholic League for urinating on a picture of Jesus and then laughing when his assistant and her mother believe that the picture is crying and they kneel in prayer.

If Larry David really wants to be edgy, he'd urinate on a picture of Mohammed. Oh, wait - that might offend someone.


Oh, and by the way...look for Christians everywhere to NOT go on a rampage due to David's actions.


Laila just now knocked everything off the top of the toilet tank. Thankfully, nothing landed IN the toilet...including her.

It's been very cold and windy. Maybe the static has her wound up.


Somehow, I doubt this will work.


Okay. I've already showered and eaten...but I still have to go to work.

Be seeing you.


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