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2010-03-16 - 6:39 p.m.


The last few days - especially the last 36 hours, have been a roller coaster.

Where to begin...


Friday, Saturday, Sunday - work.

Sunday was also a game day, so I got to play some old favorites and a couple new ones. Then I went back to Heather and Devi's place to play some Tichu.

Came home. Fell down.



Went in to work. Walter and the company comptroller were there...along with Jason, who used to be the food area manager when I first started working there.

The GM - the guy I've worked with for eighteen years - had been fired. Jason was replacing him.

I was flabbergasted. There had been no warning at all. Absolutely none.

I met with Jason briefly. He wants to control the biggest expense - labor. So he'll be taking over the making of the schedule for the entire location...which means that everyone's schedule may be upended somewhat, including mine. Jason also plans to be much more hands-on.

I got the chance to talk with the now-former GM. He thanked me for my years of service and for being a good friend. He also promised to keep in touch and let me know where he lands. He'll be fine - I have no doubts there.

I've been saying the following to the employees that have asked me about Jason (since I'm about the only one who's worked with him before): "Do what you're supposed to do, don't screw around, and you'll be fine."

That's what I plan to do.


Then, this morning.

First, there was a 4.5 earthquake at about 4am. I was still awake - nervous about the change at work and still noodling around online. I took it as a sign to go to bed.

I only got about four hours of sleep because there was a meeting at 9am between Jason and a few of us high-ups. Jason laid out his plans and asked for our support. He also emphasized that he wants our feedback - if we think something is a bad idea, we can say so. Then if he decides to do it anyway and it backfires, we are free to say "I told you so".

For this week, things will be as it normally would. Starting next week, Jason will be starting to get a feel for how things will be shaking out.

This will be an interesting summer.


I grabbed some brekkie and came home and fell down for a nap. I woke up to hear roommate Jim passing through, which made me glad I had kept some shorts on.

The day is very warm for March - 82 degrees. Despite the tired, I'm seriously considering going to the Park and walking for awhile. We'll see if I can get moving. It IS my day off, and I DO have at least one load of laundry that needs to be dealt with.

So we'll see.


Then I go to post this...and Diaryland was still down.

Finally it cleared...two hours after I put all this on FaceBook.

Ah well.


That's about it...but it was enough.

Be seeing you.


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