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Another Day

2006-08-09 - 2:20 p.m.

Very late entry today...well, late for me, anyway.

Slept for awhile, woke up, sat at the computer...and fell asleep in the chair.

Woke to a phone call from work, and the apartment maintenance guy knocking. He was here to fix one of my door locks.

While that was being done, I made breakfast and watched City Hunter on DVD. (Yes, I prefer sub to dub. I'm a gaijin, not a barbarian.)

Once the maintenance guy left, I did some work on the KLAX game. Remember when I said the rubber rings had melted? This is what it did to the microswitches on the joystick:

The little red button is the thing that the ring pushes down when you move the joystick. All that black stuff is from the melted ring, and it's like tar. So when you move the joystick that way, the button either sinks into the ring and the game piece doesn't move, or the button stays stuck down and the game piece keeps moving.

Since the weather has cooled, the ring has re-solidified. All I had to do was replace the switches.

Mischief managed.

(Thanks again to Brin for more HTML help.)


I found out that the guy who blocked my driveway the other night is NOT the downstairs neighbor. It seems to be someone who lives nearby.

Next step: the nice note on the car.


Today we film show #3. Don't worry - this time my cell phone stays OFF.

Be seeing you.


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