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It's Too Hot

2006-09-06 - 11:13 a.m.

Well, we're back up into the 100-degree range. Thank God we have A/C at my work.

It dropped into the eighties by 10pm, but it's also muggy.

I slept in the armchair because it's just too darn hot in my room.

It's also brush fire season. A few years ago there was a huge series of fires.

Please be careful out there.


Now that it's winter, our sales dropped by a little more than half. But that's typical. I'm getting stuff done I couldn't get done before.

Well, at least the big paycheck comes soon. I'm planning a trip to the game store I talked about here. I even have an idea of what I'm gonna buy.

But I also have a plan for a few game promotions. If they're willing to do a chess night...why not a GIPF Project Sunday? Or a Looney Labs' demo?

Hmmm...more gaming. Sounds like fun.


Got a nice e-mail from the folks at the web site for For Better Or For Worse. Seems I won an autographed print by playing their "Find Ned" game.

Cool. It only took three years. :)


Okay, one news item:

Democrats gave President Bush a lot of crap for the high gas prices. I ramble about the illogic of those accusations here.

Well, now that prices are falling, will Bush get credit for that, too?

Don't bet on it.


Enough for now, because it's too hot.

Be seeing you.


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