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You Can't Always Get What You Want

2007-02-08 - 12:53 p.m.

Well, the plan was for one last visit to Disneyland today, provided Brin got packed by noon. Her flight leaves at 9pm, so she has to be at the airport by 7pm. Factor in getting to the parking space, getting to the park, a couple hours in the park, getting home to get her luggage, then fighting our way through freeway traffic...yeah, packed by noon would do it.

Well, it didn't happen. So we're gonna grab some lunch and run an errand, then come home so she can finish packing.

I figure we'll leave here by 5:30pm or so. The carpool lanes will be availiable to us, after all.


The reports of Nancy Pelosi's request for a large jet are being called "silly" by the White House.

Her biggest issue is being able to fly non-stop from Washington to her district in California. That's one of the reasons why she wants the bigger plane:

House Sergeant at Arms Bill Livingood, who is responsible for the speaker's security, advised Pelosi in December that the Air Force had made an airplane available to her predecessor. But because her congressional district is in California, Pelosi and her aides said she needs a larger plane that can fly coast to coast without refueling. The C-32 she requested is about the size of a Boeing 757-200 and has seating for 42 on it.

"It's not a question of size, it's a question of distance," Pelosi said Wednesday. "We want an aircraft that can reach California."

But not everyone is willing to support the use of a large jet by the speaker.

"This is not about having secure communications and secure aircraft available to her. It's about an arrogance of extravagance that demands a jumbo jet that costs $22,000 an hour to operate to taxi her and her buddies back and forth to California," Republican Conference Chairman Adam Putnam of Florida told FOX News.

But the irony is in the last paragraph:

Besides the use of a military aircraft, top leaders on Capitol Hill are also required to be transported around Washington, D.C., in a a secure, bulletproof vehicle. That too raised eyebrows in Washington, when a government-owned sports utility vehicle on Thursday transported Pelosi, who owns her own hybrid SUV, to a House panel hearing on global warming.

Global warming and dependancy on foreign oil is a problem...unless you're the government.


Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards (remember him, of the "two Americas - one for the rich and one for the poor"?) has built a new house: a 28,000-sq.-ft. estate in North Carolina.

As Jay Leno said on the "Tonight Show", I think we know which America he's living in.

One of his neighbors posted a "Go Rudy Giuliani 2008" sign 100 feet from Edwards' driveway. Priceless!


Shower's free. At least this'll be the last time (for awhile) that I have to worry about there being enough hot water.


Just kidding, Brin.

Be seeing you.


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