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Oh, Pretty Woman

2007-02-09 - 11:47 a.m.

Well, yesterday was Brin's last day for this visit...and as usual things were interesting.

We were at the post office. I was picking up a package, she was waiting in the car. They have one of those LED news-tickers at the post office that sometimes has today's news, and sometimes has news from a few years ago (it's weird to see that the hottest DVD sale this week was "Star Wars Trilogy [Widescreen]").

Well, I was watching the ticker and saw the news that Anna Nicole Smith had passed. I was very surprised; we had only read about her collapse a few hours before. When someone dies that young, it's a bit of a shock. She'd been through so much this year - the birth of her daughter, the death of her son, the paternity struggle. You start wondering...what might have happened if she'd made better choices?

Brin believes it was a suicide. I think Anna Nicole died due to previous drug/alcohol abuse (even if you clean up, there's damage that sometimes never heals).

I texted Charlie and let him know. His response: "Who gets HER money?"

My reply: "The baby...which means, the lawyers."


We got some lunch, then came home so she could finish packing. Then there was a fast trip to Ikea for me - I needed new flatware - and then to the airport. After I dropped Brin and her luggage off, I got home and watched DVDs until my brain turned to mush. The last thing I saw was Kill Bill, Vol. 1.

For some reason, the theme from "Ironside" kept running as a dream soundtrack. Fortunately, I kept all my limbs. UNfortunately, Uma Thurman didn't show up.


Today will be a kick-back day. Relaxation is the plan.

At least until gig time.

Be seeing you.


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spazs - 2007-02-10 01:12:39 -
Suicide? Good idea. Iīm really curious for what the cause was. Suicideīs a good idea, hadnīt thought of it.


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