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2007-08-20 - 11:17 a.m.

Over the weekend, the humidity kinda sorta went away. So now it's still hot, but it's more of a dry heat. A bit more comfortable, but still...

Brin and I have agreed - this has been an absolutely miserable visit for us. Not in the way that we're not getting out and doing things best buds do. The heat has just kicked both our asses to the curb. We're both cranky and uncomfortable.

We actually got into a shouting match Friday afternoon...over what she swears today (Monday) she can't remember, and neither can I. We'd just been in proximity for too long in an apartment that was roughly the temperature of a cooked steak.

Once we realized what had happened, we took a step back, cooled off (metaphorically, that is), and let it go. We're all okay now.


We went to Ikea and picked up a couple seat cushions for the chairs. On the way back, I saw a sign that really said RENTAL SALES. But there were two light posts obscuring parts of the sign. I swear, I thought it said HENTAI SALES.

How would that work?

"I'd like to see something in a chocolate-point catgirl, please."
"What did you have in mind?"
"'s not for me...I don't like that's for a friend."
"Uh huh. Would you like it gift-wrapped?"

I'm gonna turn this into a comedy routine at some point.


I like the caption possibilities here.


Hot on the heels of Brin's entry here come this news about Pete Doherty.

Maybe the heat is making her psychic.


Today we grab some lunch (preferably somewhere air-conditioned) and then I head off to work.

Hopefully it'll cool down some more before I dissolve.

Shower's free.

Be seeing you.


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