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Early Morning Blues And Greens

2009-05-15 - 12:06 p.m.

Yesterday I made it to the game just in time, taking my seat during the "Calling All Angels" highlight reel (which now ends with pictures of Nick Adenhart and much applause). A nice, shady seat to watch a nice ballgame.

Wrong on both counts.

Within ninety minutes, the sun had moved and my shade was gone. The skin on my arms and the left side of my face turned as red as the Angels shirt I was wearing.

Second, the game was against the Red Sox. There was some animosity between the fans of the respective teams, but no fights broke out...just some unpleasant words. None were directed at me, or at least none I'm aware of.

The Sox tied the game in the eighth inning at 4-4. And there it stayed until the bottom of the 12th, when pinch-runner Reggie Willits was driven in by a clutch hit from catcher Jeff Mathis to win it for the Angels.

I fought my way home and looked at my sunburns. They sting, but only if touched...and the sting fades pretty quickly. It's not one of those where it's too painful to move. I was able to sleep with no problem...


...until the phone rang at 8am.

The vet called to ask me to bring Laila in for check-up x-rays and more inoculations. So I stuffed her into the carrier and took her down to his office.

For the record, Laila hates the carrier. I can sympathize - she was used to living in the big outdoors. Then she gets shoved into a small box, and she knows that when that happens she's going to that place where they give her needles to knock her out (they do have to sedate her to take the x-rays, after all). But she also gets some loving when she's there - the whole staff just started cooing and talking nice to her as soon as I brought her in.

Dr. Sahai is pleased with her progress. Her limp is almost gone. I told him that she's not leaping onto things - she jumps a little and then claws her way up. He said that's normal, and it may take as long as three months before the leg is fully functional.

Everything else - including the behaviors between Solange and Laila - seems to be as it should be.


I came home and went back to sleep.

Then I woke up.

I still have things to do this afternoon - including a cat to pick up at the vet - and a game night to go to. Fun will be had.

Have a good weekend. I'll post a Laila update if - and only if - there's any bad news. If there's no update, then all is well.

Be seeing you.


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