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Keep Your Eyes On The Hands

2009-08-11 - 1:13 p.m.

Short-handed last night. Had an employee call in sick...and we were BUSY.

Four more weeks of the summer season. We're planning on going back to winter hours September 8.


Here's an update to yesterday's post.

I went to the bank and had a chat with the manager about the new ATMs. It turns out I was wrong - you don't insert cash one bill at a time. Up to fifty bills can be inserted in the deposit slot at one time. The machine will then scan the bills and come up with a total, which you confirm on the screen.

Part of the reason for this change is, cash deposits are made available for use much quicker than checks (since you don't have to verify cash like you would a check). And, with the new technology, check deposits are credited to your account if deposited before 8pm, instead of 4pm.

Fine and dandy. I still don't want the world to see me pull a bunch of cash from my pocket for deposit at the ATM. What do I do if the machine says I deposited LESS than the amount I put in - does it spit the cash back out? And since an image of the check can be put on the receipt, what's to stop a thief from shoving you aside and grabbing said receipt from the ATM?

According to the manager - a very nice lady, by the way - these ATM units have been at another branch for a couple months and the customer response has been extremely positive. There haven't been any instances of any of the concerns I've mentioned here, but she does see why I have these concerns. If the ATM malfunctions, she says to call the customer service number and get a reference number so they can investigate (she said such disputes, in her experience, usually go in favor of the customer).

She also pointed me to the night depository - I can put cash and a deposit slip in any envelope and slide it in there. If I have to make a deposit late, I may do just that.

I've been with Wells for several years, and I've been very satisfied all the way down the line. I will watch these new ATMs very carefully and see how everything plays out.

And be even more cautious when using them.


Senator Tom Coburn has ten questions that need to be asked at these town-hall meetings.

These are good. And these are the questions that are being dodged.


Well, I have a meeting at work today. So, onward.

Be seeing you.


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