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2009-11-09 - 12:54 p.m.

It may be my imagination, but it feels and looks like I've lost more weight.

It LOOKS like my legs are getting thinner and more muscular. My hips SEEM to be shrinking some more.

My stomach is still big. Why can't I lose weight where I WANT to?

I'm going back to Subway sandwiches.


Sunday there was a birthday party for one of my aunts and two of my cousins. So I got to drive down to Oceanside for the get-together.

Every relative that lived in a 75-mile radius attended (it would have been a fifty-mile radius, but I showed up). Lots of food, lots of laughter. It turns out I'm the youngest one of "my" generation of my family, which turned out to be a surprise. I guess they all thought I was older than I am.

So a little bit of documenting got done - ages and birth months.

And there was talk about another party sometime soon.


Been listening to the radio play of Star Wars.

Since it's a radio play, there's expository dialogue that's not in the movies One of the best lines is in the scene where Our Heroes are rescuing Leia from the prison block on the Death Star. They kill the guards, destroy the cameras, and shoot the officer who was calling for the authorization of Chewbacca's "transfer".

After the shooting stops, Han says: "Why did he have to pick an alarm switch to die on? Stupid officer."

Well, I thought it was funny.


In an effort to close the budget deficit, during the summer the fine representatives of the State of California voted to increase state withholding taxes by 10%. That extra withholding kicked in.

Oh goodie - just before the holiday season, too.


Heh heh.


I usually watch Maury in the early afternoons. During the show, they still run Enzyte commercials - you know, the product for "natural male enhancement" with the character of "Smilin' Bob".

Yeah, THAT. Pills to enlarge the male sexual organ.

Anyway, the company was shut down three years ago for fraud and money laundering, among other things. Its assets were sold to another company after it declared bankruptcy.

And the commercials still run. Sheese.


Okay, time to get ready for work.

Be seeing you.


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