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2010-05-13 - 11:45 a.m.

Stayed home most of yesterday after taking the kittehs for their shots. So that means that today will be errand day.

Your Interesting Fact for today: one of the inoculations is actually given through the nose - it's inhaled and swallowed through the nasal passages.

You learn new things in the most unusual ways.


While I was here, I did some laundry. I discovered that the laundry machine rental people had raised the price of the dryer to $1 / cycle. They did this without telling us - the last time prices were raised, an 8 x 11 sign was posted where we (the customers) could see it. This time, there was only a weensy 1/2 x 1 sticker on the coin slide itself.

Now, let me explain why I'm complaining. I know that the economy is bad and prices are going up. I get that. But when the wash is $1.25 and the dryer is 75c, you get exactly five loads of laundry from a roll of quarters. Now I get four, with quarters left over for the NEXT roll of quarters.

I also had to walk upstairs to get another quarter.


The Weird Chef (as in, me) was at it again last night - I did another put-things-together recipe and it came out pretty good.

Get 3-5 regular hot dogs. Cut lengthwise, then into bite-size pieces (I also discovered that a pizza cutter works amazingly well, and you don't have to worry about cutting yourself).

Nuke the hot dog chunks for 2 minutes. While they are nuking, pour a can of chili into a large bowl. Take out the heated hot dog chunks and put them in with the chili. Mix. Pour shredded cheese on top and nuke for another two minutes.

Remove from microwave and enjoy.


Programmer GUMP has come out with another "room escape" game in his "Planet" series.

First was Neptune, then Uranus. Now...Saturn.


Okay. I have things to do today.

Be seeing you.


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Brin aka Bindyree - 2010-05-13 18:51:30 -
"The spirits are about to speak!"


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